Anonymous said: Saying that Erin looks like an interbred hillbilly is like saying that the Earth is flat. That's how stupid and false that confession is. It's one thing to say someone is unattractive or plain looking but interbred hillbilly? That is so fucking mean. Just plain mean. If that's what a product of inbreeding looks like, then I wanna look like that because Erin is HOT

In response to this confession.

Anonymous said: hi , i know u are not in to male modeling but i got scouted online with this big agencie (they dont do open calls ) and they told me to go to the capital to have the interview (i am 5´11 with 33´/25´/33´) i dont know if that good or should i be more skinny :/ and my height its not the ideal so i know the rule ´more short more skinny´ so it will be helpfull if you respond me x thanks :)

You’re very thin for a male model! I think your measurements are fine, especially considering how skinny you are.

Anonymous said: how tall do you think larissa hofmann and katlin aas are? they look 5'8ish to me

I think Larissa is 5’10”. Kätlin walked by me in London - she’s 5’9”, I believe.

Anonymous said: Thoughts on Sam Rollinson?

Anonymous said: Thoughts on Anne V?

I’m pretty impartial to her.

@ Valentino Haute Couture, FW 2014

@ Valentino Haute Couture, FW 2014

Anonymous said: What's the powerhouse agency in london?


by Mario Sorrenti for W, November 2004

by Mario Sorrenti for W, November 2004