Anonymous asked: I can't believe you think sara ziff is a dumb model! She started model alliance which is not a dumb thing at all.

Read the question, hon.

Anonymous asked: what are you think about taylor marie hill?

Anonymous asked: Sasha Luss IS extremely clever. She was a student at Cambridge University before she dropped out to focus on modelling.

In response to this question.

I just Googled it and you’re right! Lit history at Cambridge, wow!

Anonymous asked: is there any model with small lips?

  • Mariacarla Boscono
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Annemijn Dijs
  • Emilie Ellehague
  • Lindsay Ellingson
  • Karen Elson
  • Agnete Hegelund
  • Carmen Kass
  • Liya Kebede
  • Nicole Keimig
  • Abbey Lee Kershaw
  • Karlie Kloss
  • Suvi Koponen
  • Irina Kravchenko
  • Yumi Lambert
  • Irina Lăzăreanu
  • Mirte Maas
  • Kel Markey
  • Heather Marks
  • Catherine McNeil
  • Enikő Mihalik
  • Jessica Miller
  • Snejana Onopka
  • Ji Hye Park
  • Natasha Poly
  • Vlada Roslyakova
  • Ava Smith
  • Jessica Stam
  • Kasia Struss
  • Caroline Trentini
  • Antonina Vasylchenko
  • Gemma Ward
  • Lina Zhang

Anonymous asked: what are you think about Lottie Moss(she is sister of kate duh) do you think she is great model? she is only 5'5

Can you spell N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M? She’s not even model-sized and she has no discernible talent in the slightest. I understand the industry’s desperate need for another, fresher Kate-type model, but Lottie is not her harbinger.

Anonymous asked: how is sasha luss clever? not disagreeing, just asking. i've heard she's a little problematic.

(I know you weren’t trying to sound silly, but oh Lord, “i’ve heard she’s a little problematic” made me laugh. It’s a bit of an overused buzzword by now, isn’t it?)

Watch her First Face fashionTV interviews. She’s a very eloquent and self-aware young woman.

Anonymous asked: Opinion on Carmen Kass?

Anonymous asked: What's the point of lying about height anyway? The client will obviously be able to tell as soon as they see the girls in person, so why do agencies bother?

Anonymous asked: Who do you think are the dumbest models out there?

I’ll name you some particularly clever models instead:

  • Naomi Campbell
  • Iman
  • Sasha Luss
  • Lily McMenamy
  • Amanda Murphy
  • Julia Nobis
  • Hanne Gaby Odiele
  • Oluchi Onweagba
  • Sasha Pivovarova
  • Ola Rudnicka
  • Christy Turlington
  • Alek Wek
  • Athena Wilson
  • Sara Ziff

Anonymous asked: Can you name me gay/bisexual/lesbian male and female models :) ?

No idea about male models; I don’t follow them, they’re accessories. Lesbian models are the best because as you may all already know, hot girls are very important to me …

  • Cara is dating Michelle Rodriguez (and Aleksandra Rastovic dated her as well).
  • Amanda Moore, Eden Clark, Aimee Hurst, Ève Salvail, Paula Zago, Tasha Tilberg, Jenny Shimizu and Jessica Clark are out lesbians.
  • Milou van Groesen is all but out as a lesbian.
  • Everyone knows about Freja and her career-ending vulva with regards to Abbey Lee and Arizona.
  • Gia Carangi was bi.
  • Cat is bisexual - she was engaged to Ruby Rose and has dated guys (I think she’s dating one now?).
  • Skye Stracke used to date a girl.
  • Amber Heard and Rie Rasmussen are bi.
  • Rumours abound about Nobis and Katlin both separately and as a couple - personally I adore them both, so I’d love to see them together, and also, hot lesbians? A girl can dream.
  • Hannah Holman, Anastasia Ivanova, Shalom Harlow and Rosie Tupper are rumoured.
  • Miranda Kerr’s GQ interview a month or so ago told us everything we needed to know about her sexuality, and then more.