Anonymous said: If that's why you won't run this blog anymore then why don't you turn it into something positive for women? Like a feminist confession blog. Encourage positive confessions, give out information about modelling, talk about valuable changes in the industry, etc. It doesn't always have to be all about bad gossip.

Because fashion enforces capitalism and the beauty industry, toxic ideals of what it means to be a “woman” and views women as objects. Because fashion exults six-inch heels to emphasise the sexual organs and tight dresses that serve to mark women out as other, to distinguish them from men - who don’t fall prey to the venom of advertising and cultural condition nearly as much. Because it’s poisonous for so many people. Because the modelling industry targets vulnerable young women and dumps them at the drop of a hat. Because fashion is inherently exploitative and capitalist, and I don’t want to waste my time with it any more. I don’t push for reform within a destructive, oppressive system. It makes no sense for me to define myself as a political radical yet still participate in the upholding and glorifying of this industry and the demeaning of women and girls based on a subjective opinion of how “good” they are at an arbitrary job.

I’m done with it. My interest in it won’t go, of course. I love the dreams fashion can conjure up. I don’t like its reality.

Anonymous said: Not seen many posts recently, hope all is going ok for you :o


In answer to this question and to many others in the same vein:

I’m not going to be able to run this blog any more. I cannot reconcile it with my feminist principles, which are infinitely more important to me than my enjoyment of the fashion industry. I am not going to devote my valuable time to publicising opinions about an inherently capitalist, woman-hating, exploitative and fetishising business, because that’s what fashion is. I do not wish to take part in the publicisation of criticism of women, their bodies and their work any longer. It is entirely incompatible with my view of myself and my own ethical principles.

No, I will not give someone else the URL.

You can follow me here.

— Emma

Anonymous said: Opinion about giedre daukaskaite? I'm addicted to your blog by the way :)

I love her runway work! So elegant.

by Giacomo Cabrini after Ermanno Scervino SS 2015

by Giacomo Cabrini after Ermanno Scervino SS 2015

Anonymous said: Is commercial modelling genuinely a good way to get into editorial and runway, or does it make it harder? I've heard both

Many high fashion models start off doing some minor commercial work, and/or go to Asia to shoot catalogues in the beginning of their careers. I’ve also heard both views, but I’m inclined to say that commercial experience is very common and a good way to learn your modelling skills before you try for the big time.

detail of Dries Van Noten, FW 2014

detail of Dries Van Noten, FW 2014

Anonymous said: What's your opinion on Charlie Barker signing with Select and Elizabeth Bishop signing with Elite? Personally I think their already established names helped massively

Well, yeah, obviously.